A4 Art Museum x Hoho Zhou 《纯纯各归》文献集 "Pure Return" document



“Pure Return” is the literature volume of the exhibition titled “Young Artist Experimental Season” in 2021 at Luhu ·A4 Art Museum. This exhibition aims to explore the relationship between man and nature, how the existence of life is small yet great, and to show the concern and research of nature, ecological network, subculture and other broader diversified ecology. The exhibition is curated by Li Jie, deputy director of Luhu A4 Art Museum. This literature collection contains the works of this exhibition, the articles of the artist and the curator, and the wonderful dialogue between them.

Published by: A4 Art Museum
Written by:Li Jie and Zhou
Edition: First edition July 2022
Amount: 350
Specification: 128 x184mm
Language: Chinese, English