Janika Gross (Opera Metal Band molllust based in Germany)x Hoho Zhou Costume













Metal and rock music, is the first pillar of light in my life, let my teenage life attitude – from passive to active. The first time I opened up, I was braver.

I never thought that being in such an unreal world could be such a powerful release.

Classical music, it was my enlightenment, it laid the foundation for me. But for me it can only represent the past, I need a stronger power to look to the future.

Metal and rock bands are seen by the masses as extreme, even absurdly negative. However, people with really negative emotions in real life are unlikely to have the energy to persist in a niche music culture for years.

They, only those who love life, know how to interpret death. And living towards death means the ultimate direction of destiny.

They, dare to face the fate of the night, have a pious and powerful soul. The original intention must be sincere in the premise.

For me this is — the truth, the truth is the overcoming of nothingness, a Nietzschean overcoming, the passion for life and art.

The notes are positive, and good music is universal.

And I get from it, must give it back all what i have, this is my way of gratitude, and this way must be not greedy without reservation and selfless.

It is the happiest thing to be able to give.