聚集呈现独立音乐_艺术展览_戏剧表演_影像放映_思想分享等文艺现场活动的复合场域,每年举办各类文创活动300场+,入场观众5万+。自运营以来良好的现场氛围、优质的呈现效果和专业的团队服务,赢得了业内外的广泛赞誉。2018/19/20 NUSPACE连续三年蝉联成都现场演出总量第一。

NUSPACE is committed to becoming the best compound culture space in China. With cutting-edge independent and original culture as the core, and chic compound culture space as the carrier, it aims to provide convenience for cultural and creative needs of the community. Composed of six major parts, including the art live, illustration store, NUHOME, office coffee, creative classroom, and Nuke community, it normally “supplies” independent and original music, exhibition, drama, video, sharing, education and other “spiritual necessities” to create an independent and original new world to link the youngsters through culture.

As a platform intending to gather and present independent music, art exhibitions, drama performances, video screening, and thought sharing, it renders over 300 various cultural & creative activities every year, with an audience of over 50,000. Since its start of operation, it has won wide acclaim inside and outside the industry for favorable on-site atmosphere, high-quality rendering effect and professional team services. NUSPACE has ranked top in the total number of live performances in Chengdu for three consecutive years from 2018 to 2020.